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To better prepare our startups for VietChallenge 2020, on the 2nd May, the VietChallenge team invited Mr Hung Tran, founder and CTO of Got it! to join us in the One-on-One Business Review session.

Got It! is a successful Silicon Valley startup that provides a leading knowledge-as-a-service platform with millions of global users and has received over $10 million in funding. Therefore,we believe that advice from an expert like Mr Hung Tran would be a great help for start-ups wanting to get a clearer view on how to grow their business and take it to the next level.

Startups selected for the feedback session reflect the diverse nature of this year's competition. Coming from different industries and being at different start-up phases, they are facing various sets of unique challenges to thrive in the market. International startups are also selected by our team to join the session. This year, VietChallenge is open to start-ups all over the world with a requirement that they have plans to operate in the Vietnam market in the next 3 to 5 years. For more information on VietChallenge 2020's regulation, click here.

With his experience of building and bringing Got it! from zero to one, Mr Hung Tran has provided Vietchallenge’s startups with many constructive pieces of advice on not only the slide deck but also the future business plan and model. The founder and CTO of Got it! also shared his personal stories from building the first prototype and his failures to how he and his team managed to get the first 1 million users. He believed that in order to thrive, start-ups need to look at demands as their lighthouse. “You will fail. But every time you do, you need to know that you are building something that matters and people have demand for it. It will give you the drive and guide you through.”

The session was constructive and very helpful with all the participating start-ups.

“I think the session was very helpful, Mr Hung Tran gave me very good and concise feedback and I’m happy that I can immediately apply his comments to improve my pitch” – wrote V.A, representing a well-known content platform joining Vietchallenge 2020.

“What a great mentor he is! Very down-to-earth and unique in the way he thinks” – shared M.V, representing another selected start-up in the session.

To conclude the session, Mr. Hung Tran noticed that one of the most important aspects of the slide deck wrapped around STORY-TELLING. He advised startups to create a unique story of themselves that can trigger emotions and resonate with people. A small tip from Mr. Hung Tran is: do not try to jam too much story in the slides. Have your story, and tell it one step at a time.

Want to know more advice from Mr. Hung Tran. Click here for what he thinks as the 9 must-have elements of a pitch deck.

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