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VietChallenge - Republic Partnership Announcement

BOSTON, MA – Earlier this month, VietChallenge signed a collaboration agreement with Republic to feature qualified VietChallenge startups on Republic’s securities crowdfunding platform. Republic, a United States company, owns and operates a securities crowd-funding platform for United States-based startups which seek to raise funds from both unaccredited and accredited investors.

According to the collaboration agreement, Republic has become VietChallenge’s securities crowd fundraising partner for the 2020 VietChallenge Competition. This agreement also makes VietChallenge Republic’s partner in Vietnam. VietChallenge will introduce participating startups to Republic, which will then select qualified VietChallenge companies to feature on its platform. VietChallenge will work with the selected companies to help them ensure compliance withlisting requirements on the Republic’s platform, including incorporating/formation in the United States.

Ms. Mai Zymaris, Founder & President of VietChallenge, describes Republic as “a trusted authority in the securities crowdfunding space in the US. This collaboration will help open access to US investor capital, which may be challenging for Vietnam-based startups to obtain through traditional venture financing.”

Mai Phan Zymaris, second from the right, spoke in the forum "Connecting and Promoting Resources for Development of Innovative Startup Enterprises". Ho Chi Minh City, December, 2019.

Mr. Kendrick Nguyen, Founder of Republic, adds, “When we started Republic, we wanted to democratize investing in private companies, with this partnership with VietChallenge, we are taking our next step in making Republic the “Amazon-of-investing”; where qualifying companies of all types can come to find new investors and those investors can become customers, advocates and partners with the companies they now hold a financial interest in.”

Kendrick Nguyen, second from the right, spoke in the opening ceremony of Techfest 2019 in Quang Ninh, Vietnam. December 2019.

About VietChallenge:

VietChallenge is the largest and most prestigious global startup competition for Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Since 2015, this competition has attracted more than 800 teams comprising approximately 2500 international entrepreneurs. $150,000 in cash has been awarded to the winners and finalists with no strings attached. The VietChallenge office is based in the Venture Development Center at University of Massachusetts—Boston. For additional information, please visit and

About Republic:

Founded in 2016, Republic operates a family of businesses, including an investment platform which provides retail investors with access to investment opportunities in curated startups and blockchain projects. Republic operates under U.S. securities crowdfunding regulations and is under the supervision of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and a member of the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Republic also operates a registered broker-dealer, an investment adviser that works with family offices and a tokenization advisory service, each as an independent business operation. For additional information, please visit:, @joinrepublic and

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Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen
Feb 19, 2020

Great Partnership! Congrats to VietChallenge &

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