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VietChallenge Event: Conversation w. Kendrick Nguyen: Republic & Equity Crowdfunding

Interested in raising capital for your new start-ups? Then you shouldn’t overlook crowdfunding!

Only started emerging as a major funding source around 2009, crowd-funding has been credited with the success of numerous start-ups and projects ranging from products to services all over the world.

Let’s have a quick look at some of them today with us!

1. Formlabs

Formlabs is a well-known name within the Maker and 3D printing community. The company is now evaluated as a $1 billion, making it one of the few hardware companies in the unicorn club.

Formlabs was officially founded in September 2011 by 3 MIT students to develop the first desktop-sized, easy-to-use, and affordable stereolithography 3D printer. Like any other startups, the founders struggled financing the expansion of its production line.

The turning point for Formlabs came from its crowdfunding campaign which is credited as one of the most successful crowdfunding projects of its time. The company managed to secure a record breaking $2.95 million in funding for its first product, the Form 1 3D printer on KickStarter.

The crowdfunding campaign is the foundation for Formlabs to grow and gradually turn itself into a unicorn startup, confirming that the future belongs to the democratisation of manufacture.

The successful crowdfunding story of Formlabs has been featured in the documentary: Print the legend, available on Netflix.

2. Pieter Pot

Pieter Pot is a Dutch startup focusing on providing and delivering package-free grocery to eco-conscious consumers.

Started as a thesis project, the company first served only customers in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Pieter Pot faced a seemingly dead-end challenge as the company needed to prove its capability to grow exponentially to persuade potential investors, and yet, it did not have the needed resources to expand and acquire the large market of sustainable consumers which were already available in the Netherlands.

The founder weighed many funding options and decided to crowdfund their start-ups so as they could expand their package-free delivery service across the Netherlands, invest in new storage space and increase their assortments.

They set a goal of 200,000 euros and achieved 300,000 euros after 30 days on the platform CrowdAboutNow.

The company started its national delivery service this April and is now expanding rapidly.

3.Ngọt band

Ngọt, the poster child of the indie community, owes the crowdfunding community its first album.

Ngọt band

Album Ngọt was made possible with the band’s successful crowdfunding campaign, enabling Ngọt to continue to grow and transform themselves into a household name among indie-music enthusiasts in Vietnam. Many of the songs recorded in the first album like Cá Hồi, Cho tôi đi theo với, Em dạo này have reached to the hearts and souls of listeners around the country and built a Ngọt band that we all know today.


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