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Join VietChallenge Venture Network for opportunities to give back to the startup community

VietChallenge hosted the "Vietchallenge Investor Day" as an opportunity to showcase the semifinals and finals of VietChallenge 2020. The event was held online via Hopin to create opportunities for Vietchallenge startups to meet, learn and cultivate valuable feedback and experience from major investors around the world to learn and

The launch of VietChallenge Venture Network also took place at the event, with the mission of strengthening the relationship between investors, advisers, and promising startups in the global Vietnamese startup ecosystem. There are more than 70 angel investors, investment funds registered to participate in the event. Some typical investment funds include SSI, BDA, NDH Invest, VinaCapital Ventures, 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures, CyberAgent Capital, FEBE...

By joining VietChallenge Venture Network, startups, and investors, advisors will have the opportunity to exchange through the network's monthly activities. Startups will hear business stories and valuable lessons from renowned speakers, seasoned trainers, serial entrepreneurs, and academic experts from across ecosystems worldwide.

One activity would be a monthly training event or webinar on entrepreneurship topics. For the VietChallenge competition, each year, we run startup boot camps for semi-finalists and finalists. These training components have always been highly praised and an integral part of the VietChallenge experience that many startups have appreciated. So in that spirit, we hope the extended training or webinar through our Venture Network will provide year-round opportunities for startups to get more resources and tips outside of the competition time frame. These webinars and training sessions will also give investors and mentors more opportunities to give back to the startup community and help create the founders' new generation.

The second activity we have is the startup lab. Unlike the webinar or training session above, these labs are highly individualized and customized to a startup need. Our team will match the startup with a particular need (for example, say international expansion) to an expert in the topic so the founders and their team can get 1-1 coaching and accelerate their growth.

Last but not least, we have a monthly newsletter in the pipeline. This newsletter will serve as a platform for us to give your exciting updates about VietChallenge, and as a medium through which you can get updates on our startup alumni, our mentors, and investors. So whether you are a startup looking to expand your network, or an investor or mentor looking for leads, let's join VietChallenge Venture Network today for opportunities to give back to the startup community.


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