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Are you ready for VietChallenge Investor Day?!

2020 is a challenging and difficult year for the world economy in general and Vietnamese start-ups in particular. Overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic, the VietChallenge Vietnam Global Startup Contest has brought a valuable breakthrough opportunity for startups in 2020. With the mission of pioneering in creating the right launch pad for Vietnamese startups, the fifth season of VietChallenge 2020, is entering the most intense period. On October 4, VietChallenge will host the "Vietchallenge Investor Day" as an opportunity to showcase the semifinals and finals of VietChallenge 2020. The event is held online via Hopin, to create opportunities for Vietchallenge startups to meet, learn and cultivate valuable feedback and experience from major investors around the world to learn and

The launch of VietChallenge Venture Network also took place at the event, with the mission of strengthening the relationship between investors, advisers, and promising startups in the global Vietnamese startup ecosystem. There are more than 70 angel investors, investment funds registered to participate in the event. Some typical investment funds include 500 Startups, NDH Invest, VinaCapital Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, CyberAgent Capital, FEBE...

By joining VietChallenge Venture Network, startups, and investors, advisors will have the opportunity to exchange through the network's monthly activities. Startups will hear business stories and valuable lessons from renowned speakers, seasoned trainers, serial entrepreneurs, and academic experts from across ecosystems around the world.

With a completely online format, the VietChallenge Investor Day event will allow the top 6 excellent startups of VietChallenge to learn more skills needed in company founding through sharing real life experiences from founders and investors. During the event, participating investors will be able to access each of the different breakout rooms to talk directly and give comments to the startups’ founders. Here, VietChallenge wishes to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain experience and receive advice from top investors from Southeast Asia and around the world.

One of the benefits of members of VietChallenge Venture Network is to receive a monthly newsletter from VietChallenge to connect global startup networks. Through the monthly newsletter, members will always be updated with all the information and useful event series from VietChallenge.

6 Finalists of VietChallenge 2020:

  1. CricketOne is one of the global leaders in supplying a sustainable and affordable protein that replaces conventional animal and grain protein.

  2. Gostudio is a modern solution for interactive Livestream on different social networking platforms.

  3. Multi Vietnam is a company specializing in researching and manufacturing hardware products using Artificial Intelligent and Internet of Things technologies, with the motto of best support and care for people.

  4. Student Life Care. SLC seeks to support Vietnamese students throughout the entire study abroad experience, before going to foreign countries and even after graduation.

  5. Petkix is the world's first advanced 360° dog camera. Petkix makes pet owners' life a lot easier with their pet tech hardware ecosystem.

  6. Trabble provides a guest engagement SaaS platform for the hospitality industry. They act as personalized chat-based service to travelers, answering their questions in real-time, offering travel services and recommendations.

4 semi-finalists of VietChallenge 2020:

  1. Damon Education is an e-learning platform that connects learners with instructors all around the world to provide high-quality, affordable, and flexible courses to help students become polymathic, multilingual, multicultural, and multi-skilled.

  2. Doctor Bear is a medical online platform that connects doctors, clinics, and customers. With the advancement of technology, enthusiastic staff members together with more than 15 years of practical experience in their medical field, Doctor Bear was born to serve patients' needs.

  3. Drone Pro Vietnam’s industry is Urban Air Mobility, their goal is to create a new transportation solution in the city, where a traffic jam is the biggest problem via area of the street surface is very limited.

  4. GapViet is a comprehensive B2B platform for exporting & importing agricultural products. Through providing fast & reliable transaction services, they aim to expand the market to export Vietnamese produce internationally.

*Due to the limited capacity of the Investor Day, we cannot accommodate everyone who wishes to attend the event. Please click Register Now to join the waitlist for the event and we will notify you when more slots become available.


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