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VietChallenge Investor Day 2020

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VietChallenge Investor Day 2020 will showcase the most promising startups in our 2020 season. This event will provide a great opportunity for investors like you to connect with the startups participating in our competition and directly interact with those you find interesting. The VietChallenge Investor Day also serves as an inauguration for our VietChallenge Venture Network whose mission is to strengthen the relationships among investors, mentors, and promising startups in the ecosystem.


During the event, you will be able to access different breakout sessions to directly talk with startup founders. Each session represents one (1) startup. After finishing the conversation with one startup founder, you can move on to any other sessions to talk with other startup founders.


There will also be one (1) breakout session for the VietChallenge organizing team to support you with anything that you may need.

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*Due to the limited capacity of the Investor Day, we cannot accomodate everyone who wishes to attend the event. Please click Register Now to join the waitlist for the event and we will notify you when more slots become available.


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