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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The Highlights:

  1. The first to provide home teeth-whitening solutions in Vietnam.

  2. High-quality products are manufactured following US technological standards

  3. Over 50,000 nationwide customers; retention rate 62%

  4. $80,000 monthly revenue; 20% growth rate

Smilee is a pioneer in providing Vietnamese consumers with convenient teeth-whitening solutions. Their products are manufactured following US technological standards, meeting ISO 22716:2007, to ensure safety and premium quality. The whitening kits use gel baking soda, instead of the traditional powder baking soda, to increase whitening effectiveness while best-protecting enamel. With 20 minutes of use/day, customers can achieve desirable white teeth safely and naturally. When signed up for a subscription, every month customers receive whitening kits delivered free-of-charge to their doorsteps. Customers can pause or cancel their subscription anytime.

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