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Online Groceries with and The Mission to Change Vietnamese Shopping Behavior

The Highlights:

  1. is the Instacart of Vietnam with the mission to change the shopping behavior of more than 100 million people

  2. Established in 2016, Chopp's revenue in the very first year was 275 million VND. By the end of November 2017, revenue increased three-fold to 788 million VND ($35,000).

  3. The annual user’s growth rate is 180% as of November 2020

  4. Chopp has raised over 11 billion VND in funding (USD 500,000).

  5. With its partners, a network of hundreds of thousands of small stores and supermarkets, Chopp provides products to customers at the same or even lower price than the market

  6. At the same time, customers also have more product choices than they do when they just go to a store or supermarket's Story:

Established 4 years ago with only a few employees, Chopp now has about 20 office staff and 40 part-time delivery staff. Chopp currently partners with about 40 supermarkets. These are both large and small stores in Ho Chi Minh City. Chopp commits to deliver within 1 hour when customers request to buy things at a store.

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