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Med247 and the innovative patient-first medical method for the Vietnamese population

  1. Med247, a Hanoi-based clinic, integrates mobile application and online profile to help patients keep track of their record

  2. In Vietnam, there is an average of 72 doctors per 100,000 people, and yet the current medical model still seeks to put hospitals, clinics, and doctors in the center.

  3. Singapore's KK fund had recently invested an undisclosed amount into Med247, making this their second investment after JobHop

Aiming to redefine the Vietnamese medical industry's conventional approach, Truong Vu Tuan, Doctor Nguyen Phong, and Bobby Liu created Med247 as a clinical service with online support to help patients reclaim their position as customers of the industry. Currently, Med247 is gaining a lot of traction because of Dr. Phong's extensive network of medical professionals and credibility from the parents demographic......

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