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Floralpunk - the only Vietnamese jewelry & apparel brand established in Germany

The Highlights:

1. Floralpunk is a jewelry and apparel brand established in Germany by blogger Julia Doan.

2. Originally as a clothing brand, Floralpunk has expanded into the fashion and accessories markets.

3. Being the combination of “floral” and “punk”, the brand aims to inspire women's personal fashion and everyday lifestyle.

4. The chain of 5 stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is now the main revenue stream for Floralpunk.

Floralpunk is a jewelry & apparel brand that is originally founded in Germany and currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by blogger Julia Doan, who carefully curates the products. A rebranding identity set forth as a small fashion and goods online scene initially, in the ever-changing fashion world; envelopes a blend of casual effortless chic. Classically contemporary — the beauty of Floralpunk was inspired by floral organs. Soft delicate pastels embody the brand's palette. The feminine color of pink and the classy black creates a stark contrast to the Floralpunk brand. They bring out the characteristics of the psyche of the brand...

Read the full article on VietLaunch.

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